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First Corinthians 15:33 "Do not be deceived: Bad company ruins good morals."


Our long-term mission is to assist small and medium-sized non-profits in India to preserve and grow their intangible (institutional) capital, as well as counsel donors to carefully ‘invest at the margin’ in institution-building of these non-profits so as to contribute to the creation of steady, consistent and durable impact over a period of time.


The company is managed and governed by professionals from the disciplines of management consulting and investment management. Its foundation is rooted in the ideas of conservatism, continuity, financial prudence and the deep sense of responsibility & accountability embodied in the idea of a professional.


Ours is a portfolio approach to working with non-profits. We design and execute a long-term organisational development process through which we gradually mould the whole range of decision-making processes within our clients. Our aim is to keep the organisation close to its stated mission, roots and ethos as they grow, consolidate, deal with issues of succession, funding instability and other foundational forces.


Given that a majority of our clients are mature organisations, we first & foremost endeavour to prevent gross errors in decision-making that lead either to significant mission drift or misallocation of scarce funding and personnel resources. In a sense, we view our role more as investor-partners who commit a certain fraction of their time on a permanent basis to our select portfolio of clients.


Furthermore, our approach provides donors with a view on funding opportunities at a much granular level within our portfolio clients. We also advise donors who may desire a similar approach with their own portfolios. Our collective work with donors, titled ‘Fund for Inclusive Growth’ (FIG), is led by our German sister concern Social Synergy Deutschland.


Set-up as a Section 8 Company (non-profit) under Indian law in 2014, we continue to be guided by the highest standards of statutory & legal compliance and a clear separation between Board and Management. We are eager to have a dialogue with like-minded non-profits and donors that wish to remain truly mission-oriented and not be swayed by the regular rustling of latest management, funding and academic fads.

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